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Why Yoni Steam? VSteam?

As women we routinely maintain our face, hair, skin & nails - but usually our most tender area is last to be invested in. Yoni Steaming, is very relaxing & described as a facial for the vagina, and is in modern day most known for its superficial benefits including toning and tightening the 'V'. However, Yoni Steaming carries many medicinal benefits as well. With pollution all around us including in our food, air and toxins in our menstrual products, modern day women need this practice of cleansing more than ever. Without knowledge of Yoni Steaming benefits many women suffer in silence form common ailments such as Infertility, Fibroids, Endometriosis, PCOS, Ovarian Cysts, Chronic Yeast Infections, BV, Menopause, Vaginal Prolapse, Episiotomy, even hormonal imbalances such as PPD & PMS. Have you ever wondered how our ancestor women dealt with gynecological issues before there were OBGYNs? Well now you know! Yup, by Yoni Steaming! Women in the Motherland, Africa, would dig holes in the ground and place hot coals topped with powerful herbs and direct the smoke up to their 'V' with banana leaves. This sacred ritual was known as vaginal fogging. This practice made its way all over the world in some way or another to women in Europe, Korea, Thailand, Caribbean Islands, Native America, South America. These women all did some sort of Vaginal  Fogging or Vaginal Steaming. Vaginal Steaming has taken on many names over thousands of years including Yoni Steaming, V-Steam, Vaginal Sauna, Bajo, Hip Bath, Chai-Yok. Though, even now many countries have different names for this practice they all have the same result, wellness and restoration of the sacred womb space.  It's about time we as women reclaim the power within us to be proactive with our feminine self care. Find all of your feminine health product needs in our online store and begin your journey todays

Fall in love with taking care of your body.

Fall in love with taking care of your body.


Spring Cleansing Yoni Steam Special


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Spring Cleaning isn't just for purging your old clothes! Lets cleanse our sacred womb as well! BOOK NOW!

Enjoy a Gentle Blend Yoni Steam session along with a cup of warm detox tea. Add  luxurious Rose Clay Detox Foot Bath for just $10 (Reg $35) Appointments are limited for this offer so grab 2 girlfriends & secure your appointments today! Must book 7 days in advance.